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What do you imagine if you let go of the things which you seldom use? Do you think your life will become a tasteless and boring one?

The Earthackers’ new project is to visit the people who live a zero waste / minimalism lifestyle and document how they live. Surprisingly, from all the encounters I have filmed so far, almost all zero waste challengers and minimalists answer that their alternative lifestyle is even more pleasant. They want to rather keep tackling their goal: to minimise what belongs to them and live a simple life. It might be not easy to understand what exactly they do and how they feel. Therefore, I would love to share their lifestyles through my documentary films with you.

Another purpose of this project is to determine the way society is moving towards the future. These days we can already see a lot of cutting-edged business models which target the recent zero waste and minimalism movement, including bulk stores, rescued-food store and many other circular economy related activities across the world.

Minimise What I Have, Maximise the Happiness of My Life

Mimi has been leading a minimal lifestyle since 2015, sharing tips and her way of thinking through her youtube channel, “Minimal Mimi”. The fact that various German television companies have created programs about her lifestyle shows how much attention her alternative lifestyle gathers in Germany today.

Minimal Mimi: “Minimalism” is often considered as limiting something in our life all the time. However, I believe that it’s misunderstood. What I learned from my daily attempt is that minimalisms in fact leads us to maximizing the happiness we receive in our life.

After I started sorting my belongings, I immediately noticed that I give more value and respect to the things I had left, which are my utmost favourite and essential. It’s also nice that I had an opportunity to present the things which I seldom used to friends, who may use them more frequently and give more value than I did.”

Minimal Lifestyle & Hobby

Mimi: “I have many hobbies, like ballet, dance and youtube, and I need special equipment for these hobbies. Nonetheless, it doesn’t break my own minimalist rule having these necessities for my hobbies.

Different individuals have different things which are important to them. If something is needed for them, it is totally fine to have what they need and it’s still their “minimal” lifestyles. Therefore, I highly believe that minimalism and hobbies can live together in a lifestyle.”


It makes me creative and motivates me to reduce wastes I have produced:

“It is a bit annoying that we sometimes can’t avoid unrecyclable wastes in our daily life. Subway ticket sealed with a plastic layer, unexpected plastic-straw offer, some spices are not sold with plastic packaging in my community. Yet, I have a lot of fun taking on these “challenges”. They always make me come up with a creative idea to avoid the waste next time. Unverpackt store (German bulk store) definitely helps me to reduce my household waste and have good access to local, organic and unpackaged fresh food.”    

Mimi is a student, studying a Masters of environmental technology. She introduces her weekly budget menu plans for organic, vegan and zero waste meal on her youtube channel, which can be implemented even by students with a small budget. (35 Euro per week). From her videos you can see how much fun Mimi has in her minimalist life. It may be mind-browing for those who are interested in, but have never attempted minimalistic lifestyle. It may be worth trying for everybody to at least start distinguishing between things that are our favourites or necessities and which are not. The result may lead us to a way more comfortable lifestyle with a plethora of fun, as Mimi shows.

Minimal Mimi: “Minimal Mimi”

Filmed, Interviewed, Written & Directed by Akihiro Yasui













Mimi: 『趣味はたくさんあるわ。バレエにヒップホップダンス、YouTubeも大切な趣味ね。それぞれの趣味に必要なものはそろえているけれど、それは「シンプルな生活」から外れることではないと思うわ。



Mimi: 『誰でも完璧ではないし、私もごみを出してしまうこともあるわ。私はそのリサイクルができなくて捨てるしかないごみを集めて瓶に入れていくの。そうすると、どんなもののごみが出ているのか、どうにかして減らせないかあれこれ考えられて創造的で楽しいのよ。「なんとか工夫して減らしてやろう!」っていうモチベーションにもなってね(笑)。












・もらわないこと REFUSE
・(加工をしないで)再利用すること REUSE
・(加工をして)再利用すること RECYCLE
・捨てること DISPOSE


「資源」は英語で「Resource(Re + source)」。大量生産・大量消費の一方的な使いすてではなく、何度も循環させて(Re)何かの源(Source)として大切に使ってくれと、人間に訴えかけているようにも見えますね。









Minimal Mimi: “Minimal Mimi

Filmed, Interviewed, Written & Directed by Akihiro Yasui