INSTOCK Turns Rescued Food into Delicious Meals 一流シェフが腕をふるう「廃棄食品レストラン」(AMSTERDAM)


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According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, one third of the world’s food goes to waste every year. One innovative Dutch restaurant, Instock, addresses this issue through an unique circular-economy approach.

Instock turns surplus into delicious meals

Instock is a restaurant located in the center of Amsterdam and they offer dishes made of the rescued products of local supermarkets and bakeries. Moreover, every dish they offer is always full of surprises and creativity, and very delicious. This is because all chefs working for Instock are experienced and professional.

The head chef, Lucas Jeffrey, is an experienced chef from Australia and he works with a team of skilled chefs at Instock. 

“We need to be very creative in order to work with rescued products because we don’t know what kind of food we get before. For example, we often gather at 13:00. We see the products and then consider what and how we can cook for dinner menu. What we always keep in mind is to give surprise and creativity to customers through our dishes as well.”

Instock was born through an internal business competition of a Dutch supermarket

The co-founder, Freke van Nimwegen and colleagues were working for one of the largest Dutch supermarket chains, Albert Heijn. They wanted to tackle the food waste issues not only at their stores but also in supply chains and at homes of individuals. 

They presented their idea of opening a restaurant within an internal business competition at Albert Heijn and they received the full support of Albert Heijn to launch the Instock restaurant. They opened their first restaurant in Amsterdam in 2014 and they now have two more restaurants in the Hague and Utrecht as of 2018. 

“We believe that education is key to improving the food waste issue. We regularly offer education programs for kids and workshops for local people. Schools can download learning materials from our homepage for free.” says co-founder, Freke. 

“It’s also very important to work with the other restaurants in our community together to rescue food as Instock ourselves can’t rescue all food. For example, we sell rescued food from Albert Heijn to other restaurants at a wholesale price in order to work together on rescuing food in our community.”   

Variety of original “rescued-food” products 

Instock also produces various unique products from rescued food, including craft beers made from old bread and potato skins, granola produced from spent grain and a rescued-food recipe book. From these products, it can be seen how creative and passionate the team are in utilising otherwise-wasted products and show people possibilities to improve the situation together. 

I have tried their lunch and dinner, and both of them were very delicious. I felt a great deal of respect for the chefs in rescuing the food and giving it a new life again through the cooking process. I hope that more and more collaborations between supermarkets and restaurants expand to other cities too. I highly recommend visiting Instock if you have the chance to come to the Netherlands!

Interviewed with Freke van Nimwegen & Lucas Jeffries (Instock)

Filmed, Interviewed, Written & Directed by Akihiro Yasui



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今回Earthackersで紹介するのはオランダで今大きな注目を集めているレストラン Instock(インストック)です。Instockはアムステルダムのコミュニティーの中でまさに食材の次の「受け手」として機能し、地域のスーパーから廃棄される食材を調達し調理しているレストランです。





(InstockチーフシェフのLucas Jeffries氏)


Instockのアイデアは実は大手スーパーマーケットチェーン内部のビジネスコンテストから生まれたものです。私がインタビューをしたInstock共同創業者のFreke van Nimwegen氏と他の従業員は、以前から当時勤めていたスーパーマーケットチェーンが毎日出している大量のフードロスをなんとかしたいと思っていました。



共同創業者のFreke van Nimwegen氏は言います。『「スーパーで売れなくなった」=「もう食べられない」と思っている方も多いと思うわ。けどそれは違うと思うの。スーパーの基準は、形や色、鮮度や大きさ、色々な面で本当に厳しくて、それで店頭に並べられないものが山ほどあるの。けれど、スーパーの店頭に並べることができなくなっても、食べても全く問題なくておいしい食材もたくさんあるわ。例えば、みんなベーカリーで買ったパンを翌日になっても普通においしく食べるでしょう?同じことなの。』










日本でもInstockのようにスーパーと提携をするレストランができれば、スーパー、レストラン、利用者、行政、地域、そして環境、どの分野にもWinをもたらす社会的存在として機能するのではないかと思います。オランダにお越しの際はぜひInstockに足を運んでみてください!(シェフのおまかせランチ:約1200円 ディナーコース:約3500円)


Interviewed with Freke van Nimwegen & Lucas Jeffries (Instock)

Filmed, Interviewed, Written & Directed by Akihiro Yasui


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